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Waste residue to put up the soft gold whole industry chain production line

figure is Qinghai Mount Everest Cordyceps Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. is working staff to cultivate micro-organisms



is not seen, how can I believe the growth above the snow line, also known as "soft gold" Cordyceps will have alternatives, how can we believe the production process waste and residue produced by forming a whole industry chain closed production line?

into the fermentation workshop of Qinghai Mount Everest Cordyceps Pharmaceutical Group Limited, a warmth hit, clean and spacious workshop to see a move originally these workers, fermentation temperature and humidity constant have realized intelligent operation. He Xiaojun, general manager of the company pointed to the fermentation tank, said the jar is Cordyceps sinensis Mao Mao home".

The so-called "

Cordyceps substitute, is through technological breakthroughs, isolated from natural Cordyceps sinensis in Chinese hirsutella, to breed of bacteria, obtained by fermentation of Cordyceps sinensis powder, wild winter instead of summer. At present, the annual production capacity of 200 tons of Fermented Cordyceps powder and by-product industrialization demonstration project has passed the acceptance." He Xiaojun told reporters.

The substitute for

is a kind of light brown powder, which is the fermented mycelia of Cordyceps sinensis. Is the researchers collected from the fresh Cordyceps isolated from Chinese hirsutella bacteria, after purification, strain screening, microbial character traits of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Authority and genetic identification, breeding and fermentation in the fermentation tank, and then drying the separated form Cordyceps mycelium powder.

He Xiaojun said, Cordyceps grow at an altitude of 3000 meters to 5800 meters, the high altitude ecosystem is very fragile, in order to make Cordyceps resources for sustainable development, the beginning of 2012, they started the innovation of science and technology.

"we’ve been walking" development path research ‘combination, using modern biological technology, continuous technological innovation and breakthroughs, the intangible culture, cultivated and natural wild Cordyceps mycelium powder with 97% similarity, realize the comprehensive utilization and development of long-term stable and sustainable Cordyceps. Also played a positive role for the ecological protection in high altitude area." He Xiaojun said.

early autumn season, science and Technology Industrial Park in the planting of greenhouse cucumber, tomatoes and other vegetables have been the exuberant growth period, but He Xiaojun told reporters that the planting of fertilizer by organic fertilizer production of circular economy, the waste slag is produced by the production of mycelium powder. "We have the spirit of innovation, green environmental protection, the development of circular economy, through the subsequent product development fermentation Cordyceps mycelium powder and byproducts, including medicines, health products, health wine, organic fertilizer, feed and other projects,;


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