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Xining resolutely rectification is the wind Su Ji mediocre, lazy, scattered, luxury

remediation Yung lazy, scattered, luxury, repaying membership cards, clean up and standardize the exhibition Festival forum, standard compression three funds, strengthen the supervision of public opinion, promote Xining city and take measures to promote the positive wind Su Ji activities.

Xining City promptly opened hotlines, establish a reporting network, through the special inspection, focus checks, thorough investigation and other methods, focus on examination of austerity, official reception, bus management etc.; successively to the municipal departments and county departments and units, service window, township grassroots and other 195 departments and units of work discipline, service attitude efficiency, public funds, work discipline, work efficiency, etc. the style of official vehicles carried out several investigations; the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels in the city to carry out a thorough investigation activities 213 times, set in the check 131 times, filing 5, check junction 5, 145 people were accountable, 12 people given party discipline, bulletin criticism of 93 people, 20 people, admonishing conversation warning interviewed 20 people. Through the implementation of a series of initiatives, the city’s cadres ideology, work attitude, discipline awareness has undergone significant changes, style building achieved significant results.

at the same time, the city of Xining to "zero hold, zero report" as the goal, the implementation of serious investigation, strictly from the real implementation of membership card repaying activities, the 500 discipline inspection and supervision of cadres, cadres of workers at all levels of Party committees, people’s congresses and governments, the CPPCC and the court, procuratorial organs, people’s organizations and institutions directly under the municipal owned enterprises and state holding enterprises more than middle-level cadres of 30459 all fill out the "cadre of Party and government organizations in Xining city (workers) zero hold membership card report"; within the scope of the city hosted the exhibition Festival forum activities to conduct a comprehensive clean-up standards, do not meet the provisions of the party and government organs involved in deep financial burden the heavier the activities resolutely to clean up, and the 8 activities in the central, provincial and municipal Liaison Office of the reservation and 16 municipal departments and county government activities held in One step to regulate, strive to improve the quality, reduce the cost of activities activities; strictly control regular expenditures, and further standardize the compression three expenditures, inspection teams to the city’s various departments’ implementation of three funds to focus on the audit, all localities and departments from the simple arrangement of various activities, standardize the official reception, curb public funds the official reception, significantly reduced, Party members and cadres of austerity, increase awareness of extravagance and waste.



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