The virtues of youth are all over Xining

Xining city with the virtues of youth star selection activities carried out in depth, the virtues of youth has become the hot words of the districts and schools, both the city schools, or rural schools, each campus competitions out of their top ten counties named the virtues of youth, the virtues of youth is more like the stars in the sky, lit up the beauty of the night sky in Xining.

City District 80 virtues out of youth, West District, the top ten virtues out of the teenager, the East District of the top ten virtues of youth is about to occupy the Xining evening news significant layout…… The virtues of youth selection activities of the primary and secondary schools is just unfolding, May 30th, tiger Taiwan primary school ten virtues of youth, a virtuous among students, striving to be the first virtue youth craze; June 3rd, Victory Road Primary School "side model, by virtue of youth moral lecture wonderful start, teachers and students to speak good side by virtue of collective story. The chorus of" citizens’ moral song ", all the teachers and students read the" disciple gauge – passion more than the "moral" mechanics, knowledge "lecture prelude, the touching story of ten virtues of youth into moral stories on film hall, infection, touched every student…… Right now, the virtues of youth candidates to be established, and will soon meet with the general public, the power of example is infinite, the tide of Xining city every corner of the country, the virtues of youth contest, making moral energy become our daily life the most beautiful scenery, the city will promote the development of the ideological and moral construction of minors has more fruitful results. (author: Dezhou)


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