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Xining to the Gan River ndustrial Park bus line opened today

today, urban and rural areas of Xining city bus lines will open a new starting point, Xining City train station, end point for the city of Xining (National) Gan River Industrial Park Economic and Technological Development zone. The opening of the new bus line length of 35 km, located along a total of 26 waiting sites, the fare for adults pay 4 yuan per person, credit card 3.2 yuan per person, the old card, student card, credit card according to a reduction of four times.

(National) Gan Xining City Economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Park is located in Huangzhong County, Xining City, to promote the construction and development of the eastern city of Xining city group, accelerating the pace of "public transport integration", the masses along the Gan River Industrial Park and convenient staff travel, Xining city traffic Bureau and the Xining City Public Transport Co. Ltd. after several field investigation, to determine the direction to the bus lines in Xining Gan River Industrial Park, and is equipped with a 25 bus line, the line today officially launched operation.

the new bus lines to the first departure time is 7:00, the last 19:00. Along the line were set up 26 docking site, site specific distribution is as follows: the Xining train station, Huangchuan middle school, primary school students, in pengjiavillage hydropower equipment factory, Zhangjiawan, ferrosilicon factory, Yinshan hall, Zuo Shu, garden, sheepfold, temple village, Xi Xinping, Bu, East, West, East two flags, two Ge Ge, a flag, two, Li Jiu, bend, bend, haimaquan, the Yellow River hydropower, Yuntianhua, Gan River Industrial park. (author: Liu Peng)



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