Provide real help for entrepreneurs

August 6th, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun, accompanied by the city leaders Zhang Yonghai, accompanied by research on the construction of small and medium enterprises entrepreneurial base in Datong County. Wang Jianjun stressed that employment is the people’s livelihood, entrepreneurship is the employment, entrepreneurship is not only to the county, but also to enrich the people, create more jobs, is an important measure of Fumin county. Government departments should increase the classification guidance, nurturing entrepreneurship, grasping the backbone of enterprises, small and medium enterprises, outstanding young entrepreneurs, to help entrepreneurs solve the real difficulties and problems.

in Qinghai lucky rabbit breeding base, Wang Jianjun and entrepreneurial leader Su Zhentao cordial conversation, asked in detail about the size of the base status, market prospects and difficulties, high expectations of the masses of students carrying the dream forward, cherish the great responsibility, not only to look up at the starry sky, more down-to-earth, confident, optimistic and enthusiastic that struggle the most beautiful youth, only struggle aspirations, is for the sun and the moon and. Wang Jianjun requirements of various departments at all levels to support young entrepreneurs, encourage youth entrepreneurship and help young entrepreneurs, aiming at the difficulties and problems existing in the college students’ entrepreneurship, conscientiously study and gradually resolved, and the use of business advantages, promote and develop the surrounding masses to get rich together.  


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