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Xining mobile face the problem bright attitude

Face the problem, clear bright attitude, in November 6th, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau, municipal government jiufengban co sponsored the 2015 report to the people please review the people "large TV activities of Qinghai mobile Xining branch opened a special public exams curtain.

field of information technology investment in Colleges and universities, Xining in this regard what is the plan?" Flow rate is not very transparent, the staff is also very vague introduction, I would like to ask what is the flow of tariff items?" Daily life will receive spam messages, harassing phone calls, I would like to ask what kind of measures to protect the user’s privacy?" The event, representatives of the general public, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, representatives of the media and public opinion, ask questions to ask, ask, ask for the style of the effectiveness of existing in the work of Xining mobile to ask questions one by one, 6 Xining mobile public exams patiently answered and explained the person in charge of a sincere apology for respectively. Outstanding work, and make rectification commitment, the site representative of the enthusiastic applause response.



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