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Breast revealed personality characteristics! Breast small female love coffee _39 _ women’s health ne

6 breast augmentation surgery is more vulnerable to depression. Women who undergo breast implants are three times more likely to commit suicide, according to a study published in the Journal of plastic surgery. The researchers analyzed the psychological problems of women who had breast implants in advance of suicidal behavior.

3 breast high IQ women. Researchers at the University of Chicago found that women with larger breasts scored an average of 10 points higher on IQ tests than other women. The researchers say it has to do with sex hormones, which determine the size of the breast. In addition, from the point of view of natural selection, men with higher IQ are more likely to choose a larger chest of women as partners, to ensure that the offspring inherit genetic advantage.

1 breast more than A, B cup, high level of consumption. A survey found China e-commerce website of Alibaba: compared with the larger cup size peers, cup size smaller (B or less) the number of women spend less. Only 7% of the B Cup women willing to buy high-end consumer goods, and D Cup women the proportion reached 24%.

2 breast larger female diet disorders. There is a great correlation between the size of breast and the mental health of women. A study published in the Journal of plastic surgery showed that women who had significant differences in breast asymmetry, breast size and breast size were more likely to have self-esteem and eating disorders. This is because the size and shape of breast disorders will have a lasting negative impact on women’s psychological and emotional, and negative emotions easily lead to overeating.

The American Medical Journal "

4 breast big strong female fertility. The results of the study, published in the archives of sexual behavior, show that men who like big breasts are more likely to want to be fathers. This means that the chest is a larger female fertility children have stronger physiological signals.

5 small breasts prefer coffee. A study published in the British Journal of cancer said that three cups of coffee a day were enough to make women’s breasts shrink, and that this effect would increase with the increase in coffee consumption. The researchers say this is because about half of the women in the body have a gene that causes a significant correlation between coffee consumption and breast size.

" recently published an article that many studies have shown that: breast size can show a variety of personality characteristics and life style of women.


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