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Xining police cracked a large theft arrested 4 suspects

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Gan River Industrial Park Branch weave dense weave Park strict prevention and control of network security patrols, park to crack down on various illegal and criminal activities, February 22nd, cracked a large theft, arrested 4 suspects, uncovered 8 cases of theft.

October 12, 2010 2 in the morning, Gan River Industrial Park Park Bureau received a Qinghai International Chemical Co. Ltd. alarm, the company’s plant exposed imported materials piled storage field is stolen, worth 52 million yuan. Branch immediately organized police rushed to the scene to carry out the work. After 4 months of work, at the beginning of February this year, Ding Mou police identified 4 major crime suspects. February 22nd to 23, in the grasp of a large number of criminal suspects in criminal evidence and activities of the law, the Xining region has arrested the 4 suspects in the past. After the trial, 4 suspects confessed premeditated, from September to October last year began to repeatedly sneaked into the Gan River Industrial Park Qinghai International Fertilizer Co. plant, the implementation of 8 cases of crime of theft crimes. Currently, the 4 suspects have been under criminal detention according to law.



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