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Xining spring like the four corners of the world

Spring Festival is the most widely distributed in China, the most populous nation, the most abundant traditional festivals, in people’s life system, emotional experience, the construction of the spirit of the world plays an important role. With the advancement of modernization and urbanization, the Spring Festival, as a symbol of Chinese culture, is changing in the form, content and function of the festival. Xining is the cultural center of the province. Nearly half of the province’s residents celebrate the Spring Festival in Xining. Xining City, the Spring Festival cultural activities arranged early, rich in content, highlights, a cultural feast will be presented together with the spring to the people of the province –

Chengdong: greet the footsteps of Spring Festival

with a variety of ethnic cultural characteristics of the activities reflect the happy east of the eastern city is the theme of this year’s welcome to the East District activities. January 16th afternoon, the reporter went to the Taining community, first of all to see is placed at the gate of the community of the eastern people at the eastern one hundred pieces of photography exhibition. Residents stop and linger in front of every piece of photography. Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture retired worker Zhang said, this picture exhibition is really good, I went to Xining is only two or three years time, through the picture, I know the history of the past do not know. In the colorful flags fluttering on the stage, the East District, cultural tourism month launch ceremony played a happy music. At the moment, the warm winter sun chasing everyone’s smiling face, together with the shuttle among the children together, the festive atmosphere even more intense. In addition, a total of more than 30 screenings of the film into the community, to the countryside, the festival will also affect the activities of the community, rural and garrison troops. The handicraft exhibitions, calligrapher communities, under the rural compulsory writing couplets, a series of mass cultural activities of intangible cultural heritage "eight boxing" show, opera, dance and other special concert, is to let the festival this year, the theme of the content of the highlights are frequent. As a resident said, they are looking forward to the folk art exhibition held during the Spring Festival, because they have their own specialty show. According to the Taining community staff, the community will be held during the Lantern Festival lantern lantern riddles, then more than and 200 content rich, full of knowledge and interest of the lantern riddles will be unveiled in Taining square. On the one hand is preheated and hand, on the other hand is well prepared. In the eastern area of the museum, from the office of the Zhou Jiaquan "Ansai waist drum" rehearsal, 24 came from the grassroots transferred actor, waving colored silk, are working overtime training. As a part of the fire performance practice, we do strict in demands. Nearly 50 year old Meng Zongzhen is Yang Jia Xiang community coordinators, is also the largest in this age group, sweaty face full of joy. She told reporters, here is the dance, work is exercise, will come to the spring festival festivals activities and various training courses each year. Finally, she said, with a little regret, that she was going to retire soon. In the multi-function hall, is the rehearsal of the public street office of the Hui nationality umbrella dance. Rose colored umbrella, in a move as if it is a blossoming peony, filled with a strong national flavor and fiery festival;


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