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Create a beautiful blueprint for health in Qinghai province’s health and health conference has arous

accelerate the healthy Qinghai construction, improve people’s health, and strive to create a new situation in our province health and health of the province’s health and health conference just ended painted a beautiful blueprint for the construction of Qinghai health. Even Japan, from the countryside to the pastoral areas, from the enterprise to the community, comprehensively promote the healthy construction of Qinghai across the province "has become the hot topic, both adhere to the prevention, or in-depth implementation of health poverty alleviation project; whether to continue to adhere to both traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine guidelines, or grasp the health and health infrastructure, has aroused strong repercussions at the grassroots level.

in the physical training in Xining Bay Park kylin Dong Jiansheng old man has just learned that the general assembly, could not help but said: "it is with my community hospital, the resident population of the area of the hospital has established health records from birth, through the blackboard, billboards, electronic screen, health lectures the form to allow residents to receive health education for children, adults and focus groups have planned immunization policies on infectious diseases and public health emergencies have disposal, these have been pushing the health policy into global health services throughout the entire process, and benefit the health and well-being of the people, from the source to reduce health hazards. I believe that the health of the citizens will be more and more healthy, the healthy development of Qinghai will be better and better."

Sea East Ping District lime kiln Hui Township villagers Han Cunlong Tang Longtai village is poor Haruki filing riser, a few years ago, his wife got cancer, this year, the son had leukemia, one family life stretched. After opening the provincial health and health conference, Haruki’s cadres brought him good news. You see, the newspaper said that the implementation of health poverty alleviation project, so accurate to households, accurate to people, accurate to the disease, in the way of running a well-off people will never let a poor health problems." Looking at the hands of the newspaper, Han Cunlong excitedly said: "with the help of the government, our family life, there is hope!"

in recent years, the provincial government in solving the difficulties of the people to see a doctor, expensive, far away from the doctor has achieved remarkable results. Mongolian Xiang Dong Tan Cun, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Menyuan Hui Autonomous County of the imperial city especially forest these years with long old mother everywhere to see a doctor, for the deep reform gets a bonus: "a few years to come to the hospital do not pay to see a doctor, not on the row beds do not say, there are many procedures to do, at the time, cost is also high. The old lady of the disease is more serious, only to go to the provincial capital Xining to see. Now we can treat in the hospital of Menyuan County, doctor of technology good, advanced equipment, more than ever before, the policy is good, pay 100 yuan a year in the rural cooperative medical insurance, in the county hospital reimbursement of 80%. Can see the disease, seek care for our family, this is the greatest benefits in rural areas."

Wuxiang water village Zha Nan

Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Maqin County under 62 years old this year, when the 2010 health examination, diagnosed with hepatic hydatid disease. "I was very nervous after the illness, and I knew it was going to cost a lot of money. But to the hospital after the doctor told me, look at the disease in the country;


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