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2016 Tibetan carpet exhibition ended successfully

  June 6th, 2016 China (Qinghai) Tibetan carpets international exhibition successfully completed the curtain. The theme of this exhibition is prominent, distinctive features, bright spots, fruitful. Through a period of 5 days of exchange and trade show, the exhibition contract orders and intention to sign the amount of $190 million 500 thousand, an increase of 27% over the previous year, spot trading $83 million, an increase of 5.06% over the previous. Overall growth of 19.4% over the previous.

features to further highlight the international professional exhibition, the deepening of international industrial and trade exchanges, continued to expand along the country in our province and "The Belt and Road" areas of cooperation, the exhibition was first held a forum on the development of the carpet industry in the world, "the latitude and the world, sharing opportunities feast" as the theme, invited the world famous carpet industry to explore the direction of development, the carpet industry in the world in the form of lectures to promote the exhibition industry and how to improve the level of the exhibition content, by the exhibition of this "golden name card" to play "celebrity", deepen exchanges and cooperation in the Tibetan carpet industry, promote the development of the Tibetan carpet industry in our province at the same time, the United States to further enhance the visibility of Qinghai. At the same time, also held an auction of fine handmade carpets, Afghan National Day, the awards show, high-end handmade carpet promotion and custom will release new technology and new products and technology exchange, carpet and furniture collocation, daily processing knowledge on-site lectures and other stains in various forms, content rich activities.

During the period of

, showing the characteristics of their respective products from China, East ward, Hongxing, Connaught, Tibetan sheep and other well-known enterprises, Himalaya Shengyuan carpet, attracted a lot of visitors and buyers. At the same time, from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Iran, Afghanistan, Germany, Turkey, Bhutan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, United States, Canada, Holland, Chile, Japan, Italy, Britain, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Montenegro and other countries and regions participating suppliers for the exhibition is held successfully into a gorgeous color and infinite vitality.

in addition, the exhibition services to protect the work of meticulous care, the member units and service team to fulfill their duties, pay close attention to the implementation of the service in line with international standards has taken a new step.

45 central enterprises to participate in the Green Fair

news (reporter Hua Mucuo) reporter learned from the 2016 Green Fair Organizing Committee, through the early invitation and docking work, is expected this year, there are 45 central enterprises to participate in the current fair.

according to the work arrangements, recently went to the State Council, the SASAC, the Central Youth League and the central enterprises to carry out the work. With the SASAC, the central enterprises Youth Federation and China Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corp, China Huadian Corporation and other central enterprises forum and docking, 45 central enterprises plan to participate in the 2016 green fair.



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