nfant sheep milk powder ten brands list

because the nutrients contained in goats’milk more than milk, but also in the market is more rare, so, with the advantages of goats’ milk became popular, and with the further increase in domestic consumption, many mothers in the choice of milk for the baby, sheep milk has become their first choice, easy to absorb goats’milk not joke. Easy to get angry allergy characteristics but also mothers choose one of the important reasons of sheep milk. Following along with the small series to see the ten major brands of infant sheep milk.

infant sheep milk powder ten brands list NO.1, sheep sheep 100

sheep sheep 100 focus on the domestic infant formula milk powder production, the work of the sheep in the field of milk powder refining in the field of the dominant position in the past 10 years. We have built Xiangyang factory, 100 Yue, Unisys equity investment in new plant expansion, is expected to be completed in 2017, growth of 4 times higher than the current production capacity.

reason: Chinese three goats’milk brand. Ten years quality assurance. Not allergic, do not get angry, easy to digest, easy to absorb, three do not add (do not add sugar, flavor / fragrance, maltodextrin). Over the years are qualified quality sampling.

infant sheep milk ten brands list, NO.2 good beiai te

Holland haipunuokai Group brands, pure European milk, Holland imported original tank. Production plant has a long history, production technology and product quality is good, the domestic market is relatively early.

selected reasons: ten years of sheep milk brand. Holland imported cans, the whole industry chain advantages, not easy to get angry and allergies.

infant sheep milk ten brands list NO.3,


Xi’an hundred dairy company, was founded in 1985, the domestic famous sheep milk powder brand, the main use of Shaanxi milk, milk supply stable, factory manufacturing system is complete. Domestic market sales of domestic formula milk powder brand, the market is relatively early, the system is relatively complete.

selected reasons: domestic sheep milk powder brands, the leading domestic product sales, stable milk, advanced technology.

infant sheep milk ten brands list NO.4,


DGC (DairyGoatCo-operative) produced in New Zealand, in cooperation with the New Zealand lamb cooperatives, is mainly for the Taiwan market development, the main market in Southeast Asian countries and Chinese market. New Zealand milk source, the original cans imported, the production of sheep milk powder is relatively long history.


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