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What drink tea Paiduyangyan acne _39 _ female health network

tea Detox acne

drink what tea Paiduyangyan acne? The above content has been cited several tea, is a very good curative effect for Paiduyangyan acne, and is recognized by the usual time, you may wish to try, I hope to help everyone, so that we have a beautiful and healthy myself.

licorice black tea

prepare chrysanthemum, green bean, lemon, honey, chrysanthemum first put into the water boil, put in lemon and mung bean juice, and the juice into two kinds of chrysanthemum water mixing, and finally put some honey to taste after drinking it, with Qingrejiedu effect, and the body will be The new supersedes the old. accelerate, discharge toxins, acne India beauty effect is also very good, acne is the recipe.

What drink

acne Forsythia tea

mung bean chrysanthemum tea

now more and more people acne, and acne is very easy to get angry, acne on the face but also affected people’s appearance, to acne can not be ignored, is likely to be a part of the body is not healthy, so in a timely manner to acne, you can usually drink tea. With Paiduyangyan acne efficacy, then drink what tea Detox acne?

to prepare materials, salt, ginger, Black Tea licorice, clove and aloes, these materials are Daocheng fine, each with the weight of 15-25 grams, in the morning when the decoction or blisters, instead of drinking tea, can drink every day, to relieve pressure and depression to pyrolysis the role, and also the body of toxins discharged, avoid acne caused by a toxin.

to prepare materials Poria, Rhizoma imperatae, Xian grass, trichosanthes root, rehmannia, licorice, forsythia, put all the materials together, add appropriate amount of water with slow fire boiled, opened after drinking can, for strong anger or excessive oil secretion caused by acne and powder and halitosis effect is very. Well, especially for purulent acne, can play anti-inflammatory detumescence pus.


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