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Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau tomorrow to accept spicy evaluation

In November 7th, sponsored by the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, Supervision Bureau report to the people, please review the people live "activities will be held first, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will accept the" spicy "public exams, 68 Council representatives from all walks of life will be carried out on-site assessment scoring for the participating units and the government in industry trends, announced on the spot results. Live activities, environmental protection departments will review to 68 representatives from all sectors of society, the industry report of the Department of duties, promote the work of the people’s livelihood, serving the people, improve efficiency, improve the style of the situation, and by the site Council on behalf of the government of the participating units industry style on-site assessment scoring, announced on the spot results. Experts and scholars on the participating units, focusing on strengthening the management of the industry, moral construction, style improvement, service improvement, according to law and other content, comments and suggestions. When the program is broadcast, the scene of the masses on behalf of the direct questions and opinions of the masses outside the venue can be opened through the 96388 hotline to participate in interactive. In addition, the participating units and the masses in the industry will put forward according to the problems in the appraisal activities, opinions and suggestions carefully combing, classification analysis, develop corrective action plans and measures, a clear responsibility unit, responsible person, limit handling. The city council office will also organize good supervisors, media reporters for the rectification of track inspection, understanding the implementation of the rectification.  


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