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The provincial capital in order to greet the sand day December

dust, the streets are blown off the branches. Just entered in December, the provincial capital on the two consecutive days of strong winds and sand weather.

wind blowing, raised dust so many people walking in the street dodge. Many on both sides of the street trees were blown askew neck, the branches were blown to the ground.

in the provincial capital of the Yangtze River section, as a result of the construction of the protective fence, a part of the wind blown down to the ground. Many posters posted on the walls of the house, but also by the wind blowing dance, some billboards have been blown left swing right swing. Many of the trash can not withstand the invasion of high winds, have been blown to the ground, scattered a garbage, to the district’s cleaning staff has brought no small trouble.

wind blowing down the altar car smashed

Qinghai news network December 2nd, the provincial capital of the wind blowing, the wind not only makes the temperature plummeted, but also to a lot of people have lost. This does not, the wind blew down the East District, a small family home dishes, and drop the jar just hit a car. According to the parties Mr. Ma said, at about 14:20, when suddenly a car alarm sound, at home with the ring, he quickly opened the window to see his car, a sight that he was very angry. I saw the car parked on the top floor of the car, stuck in a pit, the car in front of the windshield is broken. After he ran downstairs and found that the original culprit is a pickle jar, the car is full of sauerkraut. After questioning, Mr. Ma learned that the food is the 5 floor tenants home. Two days ago, 5 floor tenants pickled sauerkraut, will dish jar in the shade on the windowsill, after that a gust of wind, running such a disaster. Ma said, we are all the same upstairs tenants, the other side is not intentional, and his car to buy insurance, so after the discussion, the other party lost 600 yuan.

yesterday, the provincial meteorological observatory issued a yellow warning wind

Qinghai news network yesterday, Xining and most parts of the province were shrouded in strong winds, the highest wind speed of 16 meters per second in Xining. Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory yesterday afternoon issued an emergency warning yellow wind signal, the scope of coverage in addition to Yushu, most of the areas outside of Qinghai. Today, the province’s blowing weather will be weakened. But in the next few days, Xining and most parts of Qinghai are still blowing weather. Weather experts predict that in recent days, every day there will be a windy weather.

Qinghai meteorological observatory captain introduced by the impact of cold air intrusion in the north, the day to night the province wide range of 6 to 7 westerly winds. 1:30 yesterday afternoon, the Qinghai provincial meteorological station in Xining, Huangnan, Haidong, Hainan, Haibei, Golog etc. issued wind yellow warning signal, is expected to wind by 12 hours, average wind of 7 to 8, gusts reached 9 and may continue. At the same time, including Xining, Haidong, some areas will be accompanied by dust weather. As of yesterday, 16, the highest wind in Xining;


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