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West District, Li Charles Li enact change people’s livelihood

since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the west area of Party organizations at all levels and Party members and cadres adhere to solve the problem of the vital interests of the people concerned, reflecting strong through educational practice always, adhere to focus on the four winds issue, said Li Li Li line change, positive linkage are real, concerted efforts to solve problems. And the disadvantages of the style, the behavior of the scale expansion of big investigation, overhaul, cleaning.

recently, each department of West District Units Based on fully solicit opinions and suggestions on the combination of the actual development of corrective measures to implement the responsibility, a clear time limit and requirements, enact legislation to change the real show. Among them, after the west district health and Family Planning Bureau service team to actively establish home residents health records, optimize treatment process, implement treatment, pricing, charging line service, the vaccination of children, free health care simultaneously, to provide quality services for the masses. Pengjia village hospitals from the fine start to free medical examination, West 65 years old free vehicle shuttle, to provide free breakfast, the implementation of special guidance. Hing Street office, West District food and drug administration to further optimize the service, the implementation of appointment system for the masses to avoid unnecessary trouble. West Industrial and commercial bureau, West District People’s Court on the existing part of the administrative examination and approval of the project and the trial, execution and other procedures to streamline, shorten the time. West District Urban Management Bureau, West District Construction Bureau of the joint area of the three three floor hospital dead garbage was cleared, and equipped with trash and cleaning staff, to create a clean living environment for the masses. Peng Jia Zhai Zhen government to adhere to agriculture as a priority among priorities of the work, and actively coordinate and solve the Han village and village fire married women rights disputes.



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