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Xining to apply for a driver’s license approval measures have been implemented for travel convenienc

for the convenience of the masses to the nearest inspection car driving license, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment vehicle launched convenience initiatives, the provincial capital pilot tested the driver’s license, to the Xining city 15 outlets for the driver’s license certification. However, after the implementation of the measures for the convenience, people flocked to the vehicle driver’s license examination and certification phenomenon has not changed much.

continued to increase in recent years, Xining City motor vehicle driver, has reached 260 thousand people, a daily average of 400 people to the vehicle driver’s license certification. To this end, from July 1st onwards, the DMV launched new initiatives convenience, Xining City, 260 thousand drivers can choose the nearest Qinghai People’s Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University, Xining First People’s Hospital, Xining Second People’s Hospital, Qinghai Kangle hospital, Xining Ren Ji Hospital of the 6 hospital physical examination, physical examination fees unchanged.

at the same time, driving license for the nearest public convenience inspection, public security police set up three county traffic police brigade, police Chengdong Squadron, Dongchuan rhyme ieguchi inspection Inspection Squadron, the city traffic police brigade, traffic police squadron, west of the city public security check Nanchuan Road Inspection Brigade, Xichuan Squadron, traffic police brigade, Beichuan north of the City Public Security Inspection Squadron, squadron, Xichuan road inspection vehicle management, traffic police detachment command center on the first floor office, illegal Huangyuan County, Huang Zhongxian, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Traffic Police Brigade 15 certification network.

however, according to the DMV bear, deputy director of introduction, the implementation of this measure of convenience, to the vehicle driver’s license examination did not reduce, every day there are still more than and 300 people waiting in line inspection of driving license. To check each big hospital or nearest to the inspection network tested a driver’s license are scanty.

in medical expenses unchanged, certainly not in charge of the case, why not the masses to the nearest examination and approval? Reporters learned that a lot of people because of "habit", despite the fact that the nearest medical examination and inspection, can be still used to vehicle inspection.

Xiong said deputy director, is the same with the handle in the vehicle in 6 hospitals and 15 medical outlets for inspection, can make people conveniently and accurately tested a driver’s license, will not be delayed.



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