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Write a new chapter in the construction of happiness Xining


Zhang Xiaorong made the "government work report" summed up the "12th Five-Year" and in 2015 the city’s economic and social development, overall objective and realistic, submitted a let the people satisfied with the "Xining paper"; implement the party thirteen session of the twelve plenary meeting spirit, principle of "13th Five-Year and 2016 the clear, clear objectives, sounded the opening of" happy Xining "construction of new journey trumpet. The afternoon of January 25th, three counties and four district county Party Secretary, county long around a new move, in the report of a new target, new ideas and goals for each one airs his own views, and the new development about the future work, a show is looking forward to the work plan, decided to write a new chapter in the construction of happy Xining County, to qualified respondents happy Xining hand county.

Municipal People’s Congress, municipal committee, Huangzhong county Party Secretary Zhang Qiguang

strive to walk in the forefront of the six aspects of

municipal Party committee thirteen plenary meeting of the twelve session and mayor Zhang Xiaorong made the "government work report", depicts a grand blueprint for the development of Xining, puts forward a clear orientation for the development of Huangzhong, pointed out the direction of the struggle.

Huangzhong will earnestly implement the party "12315" goal, and strengthen the integration of Xining urban development, accelerate the construction of Metro dopa, orderly characteristics of urban development, build a model area in the province’s new urbanization, promote transformation and upgrading of the city walking in front of the city’s column; cultivate the tourism industry to accelerate the Rushall culture, national culture the tourism industry park construction, start construction of Qunjia national Forest Park scenic area, South Foshan scenic tourist attractions, tourism, walk in the forefront of the city in the promotion of cultural tourism industry transformation and upgrading; adhere to the ecological protection priority, efforts to create "Xining City green core Forest Park", build city ecological security barrier, go on at the forefront of the city to promote the construction of ecological civilization; accelerate the construction of vegetable production base, bigger and stronger Cina Sichuan – Valley demonstration area, modern agricultural Sichuan Xiaonanchuan ecological pasture farming demonstration area, Republic plateau ecological agricultural tourism demonstration area, walk in the forefront of the city in the development of modern agriculture; deepen the comprehensive reform of education, improve the quality of education, in the advancement of modern occupation education development on the walk in the forefront of the city; further promote the cause of national unity progress, walk in the forefront of the city to create national unity and progress of advanced region.

Municipal People’s Congress, municipal committee, JP county Party Secretary Song Chenxi

"13415" to lead the future of the new development of

"government work report" clear thinking, clear objectives, focus, reflects the municipal government, for the purpose of people-oriented, but also reflects the municipal government as a positive, scientific and pragmatic style, is a good report to long-term, specific measures, and in the end I as a representative of support.

Datong County will study and implement the spirit of the two cities, the municipal government requirements and arrangements for the implementation of the government to implement the work. Around the "12315" the total target, chase determined;


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