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How much the woman breast health network _ female sex _39

is the beauty of female breast, breast feeding organ was later found after male breast, hands and lips caress, breast is also slightly swelling, nipple erection, and then due to reflection, uterine contraction, after organ sex strong position, so it is called breast as a secondary device.

many men and women believe that women’s breasts, the greater the response to sexual stimulation. Many men also have a fallacy that women with flat breasts are less responsive to stimuli, have low interest in sex, and have no interest at all.

in fact this view is completely wrong, there is absolutely no evidence to prove that the size of the breast with the degree of sexual or sexual reactions. In fact, when a woman is touched by a breast, there is no such thing as a woman with a small and plump breasts, two. Thus, women do not have to worry about breast size.

just as men will have the illusion that women want their partner to have a bigger penis, women also believe that the fullness of the breasts is important for men, eager to have a full breast.


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