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Xining city’s first city investment will sign the project started

September 23rd, at the end of the 2012 Xining urban development investment fair signed a total investment of $120 million, with a total area of up to 210 acres of urban areas in the south of the village to start the project to build a unitary. The construction of this project will become one of the great achievements of the implementation of the "central projects, investment, joint venture and cooperation to promote" strategy, and a key project, ecological agriculture, green environmental protection, the development of circular economy.

it is understood that the medicinal value of Taxus chinensis, with high ornamental value and environmental value, can effectively purify the poisonous and harmful gas, known as the "health", and has good economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits, to accelerate the development of central circular economy and promoting the importance of sustainable economic and social development, is one of the key the central project of ecological agriculture.

in recent years, the city district government from the city area actual situation, in accordance with the general requirements of Scientific Outlook on Development, to further accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development, vigorously develop the circular economy, focus on green environmental protection, agricultural industry, ecological agriculture and other characteristics of the new enterprise requirements, has launched a number of industrial development of high grade, good quality of economic operation large projects, good projects, the region’s economic construction and social undertakings development to maintain a good momentum of comprehensive, coordinated, rapid, healthy and sustainable development. Qinghai yew Taxus breeding project Biotechnology Co. Ltd. in the southern village of unitary settled in this way is the root of investment results, the development of supporting mode can effectively alleviate poverty exists in the development in the production of the shortage of funds, has injected new vitality into the southern village of unitary; greatly solve the South Village unitary employment rich, and other issues, broaden the economic development path, reduce poverty depends on government support.

Authorities said the

City area, will further increase the technology investment and project supervision, relying on the geographical advantage of unitary South Village, gradually expand the breeding base of production scale, and actively promote enterprises bigger and stronger, to promote local villagers to broaden the channels of employment, income increase. (author: Xiao Shu)



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