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Xining to achieve a new breakthrough Xining luxuriant growth of people proud

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infrastructure to achieve a new breakthrough

2012· influence:

Street wider, the sky bluer, the city is more beautiful, which is the common feelings of the public. Extension of urban roads, the expansion of the city skeleton, the planning of urban functional areas…… Through the construction and development of unremitting, xiadou city function is perfect, the living environment is getting more beautiful, the taste of the city significantly enhance the carrying capacity growing environment take on an altogether new aspect. Today, walking in the streets of Xining, the towering buildings, clean streets, thick green shade, pleasant garden, really amazing.

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every time back to Xining, feel the new changes." Gao Xiangdong is a native of Xining, now working in Beijing, every time he came back to visit relatives, he felt deep. A high-rise buildings continue to emerge, a street clean and beautiful, a theme park quietly presented……"

in order to further improve the urban functions, enhance the quality of the city, in 2012, the city continued to implement smooth engineering, water into the city, ecological management, municipal roads and a number of laying the foundation, the long-term benefits of the project.

smooth engineering is the municipal government continued to strengthen the popular project. In 2012, the "smooth traffic project", the city strengthened the city infrastructure construction, open up the broken road, road construction, bridge construction microcirculation, block 22, built 3 cross Nanchuan River pedestrian bridge, completed the transformation of 8 blocks, build a smooth and convenient city road system. New purchase 80, updated 407 buses, people travel more secure and comfortable.

urban infrastructure related to people’s quality of life and happiness index. Since 2012, the city completed the Nanshan green barrier of 27 thousand acres of afforestation and 74 new rural village green, completed 570 million yuan investment in the forestry ecological construction of 263 thousand acres, the forest coverage rate of 29.6%, the new green garden of 40 hectares, the per capita public green area reached 10 square meters. In order to give people more leisure place, the city was built using the green landscape green area, Chaoyang Jingyun theme parks.

as soon as possible in order to be water in the city, the city became a reality in a beautiful picture in the water ", in 2012 the city to accelerate the core section of Beichuan River, Nanchuan River comprehensive management of the water into the city" project, shutting down illegal mining sand washing field 209, remediation sewage outfall drainage pipeline 19 kilometers, sewage outfall 98 2, start the construction of a sewage treatment plant, the city sewage treatment rate reached 90%, the area of river water quality comprehensive implementation of the requirements of the provincial government’s stage work target.

at the same time, to further deepen the processing of food waste collection and transportation system of "Xining mode", covering three counties, treatment rate reached 90%. Domestic waste harmless treatment rate reached 92.3%, ranking the forefront of the country. Financing 92 million 280 thousand yuan to implement the city night light;


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