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Province to strengthen the market price regulation during the festival

In order to regulate the market price order during the holiday season, during the new year and Spring Festival to ensure the basic stability of market prices, the price at the end of 2015, our province regulators began to focus and concentrate the time to start the new year during the Spring Festival, the market price supervision of key industries.

in two before and after, the province will strengthen the monitoring and early warning and Emergency Supervision, maintain the normal order of market price. To strengthen the dynamic monitoring and analysis of early warning, found that the price volatility tendency, potential, signs of problems, take effective measures to deal with. Establish and improve the emergency response plan and work mechanism to properly handle price conflicts and disputes. Strengthen the transportation price supervision, severely punished more than the government pricing, the price charged without price, misleading labels and other illegal activities, the implementation of transportation of fresh agricultural products "Easy Access" and major holidays toll free minibus policy.

to continue to carry out tourism scenic spot ticket price special rectification work, in accordance with the law and scenic operators not to implement the specified price level or floating rate, without additional fees and other illegal acts, and to regulate the catering, accommodation, shopping, sightseeing and other aspects of price in order to optimize the tourism consumption environment. To strengthen the laws and regulations of commodity retail enterprises and key inspection, and maintain the order of commodity prices. Pay close attention to the price fluctuations in the field of car washing, catering and other fields, and guide operators to do a good job of price tag, efforts to resolve the price contradiction. Pay close attention to the market dynamics of drug, property management, parking and other areas of price reform, strengthen market inspections, and resolutely stop operators from the price of the implementation of the reform of the illegal behavior of the machine to maintain the market price order.


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