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New year to go grassroots people’s livelihood in mind the door of the farmers market

"Longjiao 180 pounds, today’s price is 8.8 yuan, 3 yuan price of 150 pounds of tomatoes, garlic, 160 pounds, the price of 3.6 yuan……"

"all the vegetables are ready for shipment."

January 29th, a day before the new year’s Eve, the reporter went to the vegetable sorting center of Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center, about half past nine in the morning, in an orderly arrangement of Xining city agriculture and commerce company staff, 2000 Jin, 20 varieties of vegetables have been shipped to the car.

reporter with the body marked "government regulation, stable price Huimin" slogan of the Xining municipal government of agricultural and sideline products cheap vegetables direct car, facing the winter warm and warm sunshine, towards the destination of the day — the direction of city area in southern Shandong province of the two families of the community.

into the homes of the hospital door, nearby residents have long queues waiting for the arrival of direct selling vehicles. Just buy food Liu Shulan told reporters, compared with the market, direct sales of vegetables on the car is almost half cheaper. "You see, I bought a green onions, celery, tomatoes, bamboo shoots, the two large bags to spend more than and 30 dollars, but also I don’t run to the market to buy, home market, convenient and affordable."

to stabilize the price of vegetables, to protect the supply, Xining launched parity vegetables, meat direct sales into the community activities. Considering the purchasing power of residents in urban areas, the large community, shanty towns, the bankrupt enterprise staff gathering area as the goal, scientific planning, reasonable layout, every day nearly 20 varieties of vegetables and meat, with "floor price" (the first distribution center for vegetable wholesale price, retail price 30% lower than the market average or above) direct selling.

according to deputy general manager of Xining agribusiness company Sun Pei introduced the city a total of 15 sets of vegetables, meat direct car, of which 10 vegetables direct car, 5 car direct selling beef and mutton. Direct sales outlets covering the city’s four districts of the 76 outlets. Nearby residents can buy direct vegetables between 10:30 and 4:30 pm. Supply time from January 15th to January 30th, during the Spring Festival from January 31st to February 3rd (day to day) break, from February 4th (fifth) returned to normal after the supply and marketing.

to meet the needs of the masses during the holiday season vegetables, meat, plans to put all kinds of vegetables during the Spring Festival, a total of 400 tons of meat. This work will continue, the year will continue to increase the direct sale of vehicles, expanding coverage, so that more people to share the benefits of affordable vegetables.




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