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School in the end what is suitable for open shop

student base is large, and the level of consumption of students is not low, so many entrepreneurs like to shop near the school to start a business. Know how to cater to the needs of students, can be found in the vicinity of the school of entrepreneurship project, then what is popular shop near the school?

1, cosmetics industry

The growth rate of

currently occupy the high-end market cosmetics mainly multinational brands, such as SK, L’OREAL, AVON, Shiseido II etc.. What is the China type cosmetics? We Chinese cosmetics also stressed that not only emphasizes the beauty, health, consumers in the use of cosmetics, nutrition through the skin into the body, improve health.

2, the software industry

game market overall showing rapid growth, boutique scene. Domestic game software products compared with previous years, there is a big breakthrough, whether it is the type of product, sales volume and the amount of sales have a large degree of growth.

the domestic game "fate of the Three Kingdoms" a listing by famous foreign issuers do total global sales, released at the same time a dozen languages, and attract the world sit up and take notice. Linux software A new force suddenly rises. Although there is still a lack of large-scale applications, but it has been a great concern to the industry, many IT vendors are confident about the broad market prospects of Linux.

3, environmental protection industry


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