Who will take the money demand.

we are in a society where there is a need for examinations. Do you want to go to primary school, high school or college? Please test; want to enter the enterprise, into the organization? Please test; graduation, post, title, have to go through a test pass. Every examination is a threshold, had the Everything will be fine. had not been eliminated.

in front of the severe situation, some people from the light path, looking for "shortcut": buy the answer, "Gunners"; others are coming to start selling exam answers or rush into danger. In the examination of the community, on behalf of the test has become an industry, I do not test, looking for someone to test, a way to make money.

recently occurred in Henan on behalf of the event, said the police will be investigated in the end, to crack down on behalf of the gunmen. According to the provisions of the "Public Security Management Punishment Law", "gunmen" behavior should be regarded as to disrupt normal school exam order, can be a warning, fines or detention; "national education examination violations approach" provisions of punishment in the "gunmen" employer or school.

to eradicate the generation to test the phenomenon, candidates must have their own strength. Relying on technology and law is not a fundamental solution to the problem. Candidates should start from their own, from our society on the evaluation criteria of personal ability, etc..

education institutions increasingly popular

into educational institutions, with the generation of test to say goodbye. In the examination of the community, education and training needs huge profits, while the investment of funds and technology are relatively low, has been recognized as the sunrise industry and one of the most money king industry. In particular, primary and secondary education and training, more than about 300000000000 of the market, and is growing at an annual rate of 30%.

in the comprehensive development of brand trend, focusing on development of professional institutions. Such as the Shanghai Jiaotong University l.education group launched a nationwide chain of education brand only love the new mathematics, mathematics training in national attention, the rapid development of the market, to promote the new revolution of local franchisees open mathematics education.


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