Small entrepreneurial marketing skills

small venture, although the risk is low, but also pay attention to marketing, good marketing programs and methods that can lead you to success in one step, it may allow you to get more lucrative results. So, please look at the small projects together with the small business marketing tips!

1, email marketing not posted a 39 cent stamp on the envelope surface, but with 39 1 cents stamps. One of the guiding principles for direct mail marketing to customers is to attract their attention, so that your email will not be ignored. Attention, interest, desire and action are essential to the success of the mail marketing campaign. Any measures that can attract the attention of customers should be spared no effort. The biggest advantage of email marketing is that you don’t have to pay any extra expenses.

2, a free lunch every month to win a free lunch a chance to customers, enhance the company’s reputation. Everybody wants to win. A local restaurant card worth $10 is enough to make a choice of your product or service, and you are also in competition with your peers. You can also choose other rewards, such as Starbucks or oil company coupons. You may want to give a full barrel of gasoline to the winning customers, but that means you have to raise the price a little.

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4, use / lottery lottery incentives to potential customers. At a given time, they distribute lottery tickets for free samples, and they have a chance to win a million dollars (or other local lottery prizes).

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candy if can buy a candy, $10 can buy 1000 pieces. If not, you can still buy a lot of candy with very little money. Receiving a receipt with a candy will impress your clients. Generally speaking, to pay the price of the general is not as good as ordinary customers attention, so a little mind will let him and his company impressed you. Send two pieces at a time – one for me and the other for others. Things are not valuable, but the expression of the mind.


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