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Students give up million salary to sell business pig’s trotters

for today’s college students, entrepreneurship is a very common thing, but people’s entrepreneurial orientation is different, some people may be entrepreneurs in the IT industry, some may be entrepreneurial and professional counterparts, there is also a lot of entrepreneurship in the snack food and beverage industry, today we will talk about a college student business selling pig’s trotters story.

once monthly salary of thousands, unwilling to work

"sell mix in Sichuan Yang Cheng had pig’s trotters, can sell more than and 200 day pig’s trotters daily turnover of more than 6000 yuan, the monthly turnover of about 200 thousand. His entrepreneurial story really inspired me, I think it will succeed as long as we get down to doing." Zhang Xiaowei said confidently.

"us is the junior middle school students and high school students, common business ideas let us come together again." Du Lufei told reporters.


Du. At the beginning of 2013 to return to Heze, with the idea of selling pig’s trotters, after studying with the master Zhang home made pig’s trotters in the hotel, Master Zhang Du just began to think that prompted by a sudden impulse. "How can the students sell pig’s trotters, came not to shame." But it will be the heart with Du. Master Zhang, the purchase, to the hair, color, oil, simmer, conscientious. From think to learn about, Du and Zhang Xiaowei bought the pig’s trotters. I tried to do, to invite Zhang and friends to taste, advice. Began to do the taste really not, not two times, not three times the two, so after more than 10


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