Sweet potato snack good prospects

sweet potato is in our daily life often eat common, has rich nutritional value, taste good, is loved by the people of the homemade delicious, how to dig deep on the market value of sweet potato, tap its huge market competitiveness? May wish to take a look at!


for sweet potato food monopoly market, Wang Bin’s confidence, he believes the nutritional value and health effects are more and more people found the sweet potato. Before the street is mainly used drum baked sweet potato, sweet potato and monopoly is the upgrading and development of the industry. Therefore, it is likely to form consumer trends.

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how much profit

"sweet potato from farmers to purchase, the purchase price is 0.5 yuan a catty, cheap as long as 0.2 yuan ~0.3 yuan; manufacturers made chips, can be sold for 6 yuan a pound; and the store, the average can be sold for 12 yuan a pound. Throughout the process, the humble small sweet potato prices soared 60 times." Wang Bin said.

"purple potato purchase price of 0.8 yuan a catty, finally sold 22 yuan last year, supermarket purple potato pound sold to 65 yuan." Wang Bin talked about the business of the sweet potato and purple sweet potato as. Although the manufacturers scale, varieties are not the same, the final product prices, but through the packaging, branded after the sweet potato growth worth several times, like a gold plated.


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