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Tianjin 5 Korean entrepreneurial team in the national animation Park entrepreneurial Roadshow

in the field of entrepreneurship, cultural and creative industries is an important branch. Compared with foreign countries, China’s culture industry is still in a relatively backward stage. China urgently needs to learn from the exchange, to promote the development of local cultural industry.

by South Korea smba Entrepreneurship Development Institute and other institutions selected and invited the first batch of 5 South Korean entrepreneurial team recently come to Tianjin for the project landing, and in 15 in the new Tianjin eco city National Animation Park held a wonderful roadshow. 5 business units 5 venture team were associated with the cultural and creative industries, covering music platform, South Korea experience real games, overseas tourism guide, script creation and cartoon network, NFC technology application in many industries.

5 entrepreneurial team in China, Meizu’s Chinese music wave project in South Korea, from the operation mode, the realization of music content with apple, Amazon, Google, Spotify and other 25 international docking platform, committed to China folk music to the world, there is a demand for the grass roots, entrepreneurial music show, the docking platform, provide the impetus for the survival and development of their music career.

during a visit to the eco city and the national animation Park ThinkBig incubator, 5 teams have said that the new Tianjin eco city and national animation Park Cultural and creative industry’s unique position and entrepreneurial atmosphere attract them in development in the eco city, and hope with the park enterprises and more China entrepreneurial team. The collision of more thinking sparks, common development and improvement project. Roadshow scene, investors from Beijing and Tianjin also showed strong interest in the project. 36 krypton and multi island provides strong support for this activity, also for South Korea with the intention of landing the project put forward some valuable suggestions: only on China market, more down to earth, in order to survive and develop.

it is reported that the national animation park will give landing South Korea entrepreneurial team in the company registration, business premises and other aspects of providing preferential policies and support measures to facilitate the development of the project as soon as possible into. Deputy general manager of the new Tianjin Eco City Industrial Park Management Limited Liao Rui said that this recommended


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