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Zhou Ziyu publicly apologized JYP President issued an apology statement

Zhou Ziyu in the event raise a Babel of criticism of fermentation for two days, Zhou Ziyu has personally apologized publicly, and recorded an apology video. Then its brokerage firm JYP president also issued a statement of apology. Prior to this, JYP shares have fallen nearly two in the next 10% days.

JYP, President Pu Zhenrong also released a statement of apology, saying he was "to our company staff, Yu and my not aware of this incident to the very serious sexy regret", and once again expressed regret.

JYP for two consecutive days to clarify and apologize

1 8 July, Zhou Ziyu suspected of "Taiwan independence" Taiwan singer Huang An said in its report on micro-blog, in South Korea last year when he was holding a fine day program and independence flag, to the media she touted. The speech spread rapidly in the network, Beijing TV show later in the global poster removed the TWICE avatar, Anhui TV also said the rumor has never invited the group.

1 on the evening of 14 August, JYP issued a statement of apology again, saying the company’s guidance on its artists words and deeds is not enough, failed to respond promptly to everyone’s question. The statement also said that Zhou Ziyu himself firmly support and respect the principle of one china. Taiwan is the hometown of Zhou Ziyu, but Taiwan is not representative of Taiwan independence. Zhou Ziyu has never published any independent opinion, the so-called "support for Taiwan independence" in is not true.

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