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The judgment will not change to touch breast cancer _39 _ women’s health network


[question] breast pain is not a breast tumor?

in addition, they may appear in more than one location, but also can be more than one or both breasts are.

(doubt two) bump can ache, how to do?

young women with a common benign tumor of the touch is like a lump, which can cause pain.

said, if the breast pain plus touch bump, often to strike terror into the heart of a woman.

some breast pain is not related to the physiological cycle, such as milk tube obstruction, inflammation, or breast is too large, bra size does not match, the development of puberty can also cause pain.

or some people have a breast pain because they drink caffeinated beverages, eat too salty food, stay up late, stress or irregular periods.

how to do? How to not excessive anxiety, don’t let down the line, only to get to know these annoyed but not too annoying problem.

it causes pain, mostly located in the outer part of the breast close to the armpit, Tian Zhe said.

Tian Zhe, a lot of young women find their breast lumps, lumps will touch neither painful nor itching, sliding, which is likely to be breast fibroma. Because does not affect the life, also not too painful, many women have not paid much attention, but the "breast fibroma one percent canceration rate, may lead to breast cancer. A lot of clinical patients with early breast malignant tumors are fibrous tumor patients, because they do not pay attention in the course of time, the occurrence of malignant transformation. Once the cause of breast cancer, women’s physical and mental damage is great. Don’t wait for serious illness, not too late for regrets."

breast pain, the most common reason is that pre menstrual cramps, because hormones caused hyperstimulation.

some female breasts become very sensitive, in addition to full, heavy feeling, and even a touch will feel tingling. But the end of menstruation, the pain will disappear.

if the breast pain for the onset of pre menstrual breast pain or pain before the increase, after remission or disappear, can be considered a proliferative lesions. Of course, sometimes in lactating women often have severe pain in the nipple, nipple broken, cracked, for baby nipple bites caused by rupture of the nipple sucking."

breast pain is usually not associated with cancer. But even so, we can not relax our vigilance on breast pain, these symptoms should be optimistic: if breast suddenly persistent, severe pain, painful to the touch, may be suffering from acute infectious disease of breast; breast pain if local beat, it is likely that the local has been festering.

although the majority of benign disease and cancer is not connected, is not life-threatening, but some will give patients bring psychological fear, and even interfere with the patient’s life or breast appearance, but also interfere with the diagnosis of breast tumors.


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