Substandard shop will be renamed or banned

if you take the name, would you consider what factors? In the eyes of many people, perhaps can feel creative enough, whether or not to violate the law and regulations are not clear, leading after the store so that many consumers feel disgusted. Here, the small series to emphasize to you shop owner, substandard shop will be renamed or banned.

Whether the

name funny businesses are registered? Reporter contacted the Linyi Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce comprehensive treatment division. The department chief surnamed Li said that the most funny names are registered in the name of good take, in need of more than two characters, and in the business sector through the nuclear name before you can use the.

"how to regulate borrowing language name, at present, we have a headache." As for the "pot color fantasy" and "Yiyibushe" and other similar names, Li Ke Long expressed their views, "although it is detrimental to the language, but did not violate the law, when involved in this hand, we always feel very difficult".

chief Lee said, many shops are in the name of the Department of industry and Commerce approved, may make some people can not accept. However, if the public found spoof and nonstandard name can call the hotline to report, the business sector will be reported for processing shop, found a very outrageous and does not comply with the text specification, will be advised to rename or ban.

extended reading     naming can not violate the law

according to the relevant laws and regulations of the state, the enterprise name shall contain the following contents and text: detrimental to the state and social public interests; may cause deception or misunderstanding to the public; foreign countries (regions), names of international organizations; party name, name, name of government organs, social organizations and mass organizations such as number of troops.

specifically, "trademark law" provisions of article tenth, with People’s Republic of China’s national name, national flag, national emblem, medal of the same or similar name, name, and the central state organs with specific locations or landmark graphics the same, with the foreign country name, national flag, national emblem and flag or the same approximate (but the government agreed, and the county government except) above names, can not be used as trademarks. Like "the trademark clothing soliciting" contrary to the law.

in the "Anti Unfair Competition Law", there are expressly provided, can not be misleading propaganda. Trademark or name cannot violate public order and good morals, not harmful to socialist morality, nor with ethnic discrimination, like "landlords", "this is a violation of the kept woman" name above the social morality.

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