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Laotaimen crystal soup dumplings jiamengfei introduction

high quality snacks in the Chinese market demand is growing, from this point of view, investors can seize this opportunity to start their own business rich road. While the crystal in high quality snack soup dumplings is a good choice. But then what brand of crystal soup dumplings which is better? Small as you recommend Laotaimen soup dumplings.. Then the Laotaimen crystal soup dumplings join need how many money?

Laotaimen jiamengfei introduced

crystal soup dumplings

crystal Laotaimen Guantang joining fee:

1, join fee 15000 yuan;

2, equipment 5000 yuan;

3, decoration 5000 yuan;

4, facade rent (depending on the franchisee profiles, in principle, not less than 10 square meters)

crystal Laotaimen Guantang joined in support of

, a comprehensive system based on franchisee training, including site selection skills, health standards, operation process, core formulation, cost control, pricing strategy whether the franchisee has no experience, can not detours, easy start, realize the profit maximization. No simple and crude headquarters unified management and training for franchisees, but targeted according to the specific circumstances of the franchisee to develop business strategies in the premise of not affecting the yipinxiang soup style, ability training franchisees can effectively solve the practical problems. Make a soup franchisees grow up, and share a variety of brand based growth of joy.

two, solid advertising support system: the headquarters will continue to carry out advertising, enhance visibility and brand image, to ensure that the franchisee by the well-known brands to bring benefits, thereby gaining greater benefits

three, strict service system: improve the quality of customer service has a variety of services, allow the franchisee to worry about.

Laotaimen soup with their unique way of management, with high quality and inexpensive, sanitary and convenient and first-class service, won the majority of consumers, gradually expand the market. Only in about two years of preparation time, the company developed the more than and 60 outlets, but also accumulated rich experience in the development process, from the product form to change the taste of adjustment, from the store location to the unified style of decoration, from the business strategy to legislation, have operation scheme very careful and detailed, paving the way for the subsequent development of the company. Welcome to join the Laotaimen


if you have joined the Laotaimen crystal soup.


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