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Nothing to do a check on the breast! _39 _ women’s health network

if the self inspection found the following phenomenon, it is recommended to the hospital to consult and check the specialist.

3 nipple with blood or other fluid spillage.

4 breast skin depression, erosion.

look at the mirror in the hands of sagging, carefully observe the size of both sides of the breast symmetry, there are all normal protrusions, skin and nipples are sunken or eczema.

(nothing on the breast to do a check!)

lie – lying down, put a pillow left shoulder, right hand bend to the head, method of repeated "touch", check on both sides of the breast.

want to have a nice and healthy breast, in addition to diet, but also learn to self checking technique, so that we can timely understand their situation of breast. So, how breast self-examination?

twist — with the exception of breast, axillary lymph must also check the swelling or lumps produced. Finally, the thumb and index finger pressure nipple, pay attention to whether there is abnormal secretion.

touch – left hand to the back of the head, with the right to check the left breast, fingers Finger light pressure of breast, feel lumps, nipple started by ring clockwise check, gradually outward (about three or four turns), to check all the breast until the end, with the same method to check the right breast.

breast self-examination is a simple way to review the disease, there are some of the early breast cancer simply can not touch, so can not rely entirely on self inspection, regular inspection on the hospital is more important!


6 any pain or discomfort.

1 breast edema, breast size, shape change.

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breast self-examination four steps:

5 in the breast lump or any induration.

Changes in the shape and location of the nipple (

is the best time of breast self-examination every month menstruation (the first day of menstruation is called menstruation) after ninth to 11 days to do breast self-examination (menstrual cramps after ninth ~ 11 days, the effect of estrogen on the breast of the smallest breast in a relatively quiescent state, easy to find the lesion.



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