How good delicious food

what kind of diet scale called the Haitian feast, you might say that you have not seen, but Xiaobian to tell you is to see such a good project in the Haitian feast you can. Bring good, everyone will feel very warm, she has been with us up, is a cheap and affordable pizza buffet restaurant chain. With the passage of time, 18 years later, origus has turned into a gorgeous origus bar type marine cafeteria. Is it very surprised, unexpectedly? Xiao Bian is very curious, so let us know about it.

rendez vous in "good taste"!

type marine origus bar cafeteria to marine life as a decoration, a starfish, fishing nets and various marine products, collocation magnificent lights, let you feel as if you catch a free romantic cruise, is sailing, swimming in the beautiful vastness of the sea.

delicious shrimp, oysters, tender plump sashimi, delicious Scallop in Shell presented in front of you like a hill, a sumptuous seafood feast begins from now.

delicious Chinese cuisine buffet area, the table is below is hot, cold dishes, meat dishes and reasonable collocation, stewed trotter, big sauce, pig’s trotters ribs, fried fish, roast chicken, braised fish in soy sauce and so on, Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce dishes, is steamed, fried, stewed, fried, fried, burnt burst, including all the.

The greatest charm of

Teppanyaki is the food in front of you to change into a delicious food, watching the chef on the double shovel down behind the show, like the iron on the ballet, bring infinite joy and satisfaction of customers.

Brazil barbecue area the lamb, pork, sausage rolls, Bacon, octopus balls and other ingredients of pickled flavor were put in a about a metre long strip groove flat iron bar, put the carbon fire slowly barbecue, baked golden brown on both sides, meat smell of incense, very attractive oh.

came to the good, fresh mellow and delicious pizza is not tasted the durian pizza, with signs luxurious, carnival, travel, romantic Mediterranean Perugia are signs here tastes, so what, to taste it.

A riot of colours

sushi, dessert is bright and colorful ladies and children’s favorite. Soft and sweet cake, pure European dessert, sweet delicious sushi, I do not know where to start, first an assorted cold dishes for everyone to see it.

"good" with the ultimate fresh seafood and delicious cuisine together, creating fashionable seafood buffet, let customers come here for the first time will love this new ocean world. Drinking wine, eating seafood, enjoy the delicious food brought about by the mood of joy, like the taste of fresh, you do not try


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