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90 dad suffering from leukemia huge cost can not afford to donate

25 years old after 90 dad was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia, and he has just been born just over 2 months of children. Millions of treatment costs overwhelmed the family. The young father said, I hope good people donate, I want to live a day for children".

and his girlfriend of five years married, shortly after his wife was pregnant. Work in Guzhen County of Bengbu City, Hu Gou Zhen Da Zhuang Cun Huang Hao and his wife, contemplating the first to earn money to 20 thousand yuan to pay off the marriage owed, and then save some money back home to do business, a good growth environment for children.

2 10 afternoon, third days, Northern Anhui Rural immersed in the atmosphere of the new year. The warm weather, the villagers have come to congratulate each other.

Not fade

on the wall is the word, suddenly suffered the disease attacks in the family, only happy.

in the local doctor’s advice, Huang Hao from 8 months pregnant wife, mother in the company of Zhang Xiuling, came to Hangzhou Zhejiang first people’s Hospital, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. How did not think it was the disease, I feel like God is kidding." Huang Hao and mother received the diagnosis results, the hospital two people like a bolt from the blue, meng.

in order not to let the pregnant wife worry, Huang Hao decided to hide his wife, alone in the treatment of Hangzhou. Concerned about the child’s Zhang Xiuling immediately quit his job at the hospital son.

The first chemotherapy


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