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Women eat 6 fruits in the spring beauty _39 health network _ women


cherry bright, beautiful, rich in vitamin C can be intelligent whitening skin, effectively resist the formation of melanin. Eat more cherries in the spring, so that the skin glow white red luster, add moisture to the skin.




citrus is rich in acid and vitamin, can help improve the skin’s oil secretion, promote skin moisture absorption. The content of the rich carotene (vitamin A) is higher than apricot, higher than other fruits. In addition, organic acids contained in oranges can also enhance the skin elasticity, every day with the orange face can soothe facial fine lines.


women eat 6 fruits in the spring beauty

spring seasonal fruits and several of the most popular strawberry, strawberry red delicious tender, juicy fruit contains special rich fruit flavour. Strawberry is rich in vitamin C, can be intelligent whitening skin, to improve blackheads, acne has a very good effect.

of kiwifruit vitamin E has potent antioxidant effects, can increase the elimination of spots and acne, enhance skin anti-aging ability. Fruit contains sugar, protein rich in amino acids, twelve kinds of protease, vitamin B1, C, carotene and calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, pigment and other components. These are beneficial ingredients to human skin, can help the skin to ease the drying brought by spring.


apple is the king of fruits, contains plenty of water, the flesh is very crisp sweet. Apple contains trace elements of zinc, iron and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, carotene and pectin and cellulose etc., these are the best skin cosmetic composition, has a very good moisturizing effect on the skin.

season should have a lot of fruit, women eat fruit is good for the body? 39 Health Network Editor to introduce the beauty of the 6 fruit, let you eat a healthy and beautiful, turned white Formica no problem!


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juicy, sweet and sour taste of pears, enjoy "natural mineral water", a large number of skin moisture, is the spring beauty regimen will bring one of fruits. Contains protein, fat, sugar, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, a variety of vitamins, can lower blood pressure, nourishing yin and moistening lung and eliminating phlegm, clearing heat and detoxification.

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