How to break through Chinese teahouse

talking about the teahouse, although many people do not have their own real experience into the teahouse, however, the film and television works, the teahouse is everywhere. Chinese tea house sprouted in Jin Dynasty, flourished in Tang Dynasty, flourished in Song Dynasty, popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasties, declined in modern times. Chinese tea house is a window and a microcosm of society, Chinese tea house plays the role of social and cultural information dissemination. However, there are many problems in the development of Chinese tea house, which is the choice and application of marketing mode.

one, the status quo of Chinese tea business: not go out of the traditional routines.

Chinese teahouse development for more than one thousand years, has always been along the leisure teahouse, tea house routines go down, there has been no major breakthrough. In the mode of operation, is "to sell tea and tea" mode of operation; in use, is the owner himself or his spouse or relatives is tea experts know more; create the brand, no brand awareness, lack of shaping teahouse value; in the cultural level, although understanding the importance of culture, but did not really understand the true meaning of tea culture. At the same time, the decoration style is similar to that of tea products, the price be roughly the same, do not have their own characteristics.

today, although there is a part of China teahouse, such as shaping Beijing Lao She Teahouse have begun to pay attention to characteristics, but on the whole are not out of the traditional routine management, homogeneity, market positioning is not clear, marketing consciousness.

II, China teahouse culture marketing: highlight the "heaven I Xuan" tea culture.

a history of tea culture is a history of Chinese culture, Chinese culture has been fully reflected in the tea culture. In the teahouse management should pay attention to the interpretation of tea culture, to provide customers with the service of the "real moment" reflects the connotation and spirit of Chinese tea culture. China tea culture with "harmony between man and nature, the mysterious" as the philosophical foundation, advocate "harmony" between man and nature should be in close contact, mutual accommodation, "I will emphasize the subject and object of metaphysics" two-way communication, through mutual cause, my interaction, eventually reach "thinking and environment harmony", "emotion and scene night", and through this aesthetic experience to feel the relationship between man and nature, man and the most profound, the most intimate tea.

"water, Leshan" (the wise up to but the affair went without delay, like water, so I prefer to water; benevolent and heavy righteousness is not moved, there are similar to the mountain, so I prefer mountain) is humanistic thinking China tea culture. The aesthetic of tea culture is actually the appreciation of the self – personality of tea drinkers. The aesthetic subject has obvious selectivity in aesthetic appreciation, and is inclined to the same thing of his own character and personality. "Nature, harmony" is the basic law of tea culture. "Imitation of nature" to simply recover the original simplicity; "harmony" is not too stressed, and no less.


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