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Chizhou’s rise in the first field of social service management PPP project settled

PPP project is a very hot cooperation mode, by the government and social capital cooperation, promote the development of the local economy, is a model of cooperation for the benefit of the region. Date, the first in the field of community service management as the core of the PPP project settled in Chizhou, which is a great innovation!

the country’s first social service management PPP project located in Chizhou, Chizhou is also an important exploration and attempt in the innovation of e-government construction, operation, management.

days ago, Chizhou municipal government and the Mdt InfoTech Ltd signed a contract with Xunfei Zhi Yuan, government and social capital cooperation mode, to promote the Chizhou city community service management information platform construction project. This means that the country’s first social service management PPP project settled in Chizhou, but also in the city of innovation in e-government construction, operation and management of an important way to explore and try.

Chizhou city community service management information platform project with a total investment of 100 million yuan in 1, according to the PPP model, to promote the integration of online power operation and the wisdom of tourism construction. Including the share exchange center, the power of the government online platform, social service grid management platform, public credit information platform, the wisdom of tourism application, data management and service scheduling center six plate construction of government data, covering a variety of representative "Internet plus government service" construction content.

in accordance with the agreement, Chizhou city business investment limited on behalf of the government and the investor Xunfei Zhi Yuan Mdt InfoTech Ltd in accordance with the 30%: 70% stake jointly funded the establishment of item company, responsible for the management of Chizhou city community service information platform project financing, construction, operation and maintenance, the cooperation period of 10 years. After the expiration of the item company will be social service management information platform ownership, management rights free, intact to the municipal government.

"the current government information input intensity is getting higher and higher, the scale is bigger and bigger, the government’s own operation support ability is insufficient, has formed the development important bottleneck. The government through the ‘PPP’ model, to a certain extent, can crack this important bottleneck." Chizhou City Information Office of the relevant responsible person said, compared to the government’s project information platform of social service management, using PPP mode operation of the project the introduction of social capital, let professional people to do professional things, not only revitalize the existing government resources, enhance the management level, to solve the problem of technical personnel and service ability is insufficient, more important is to to fully mobilize the role of the market, through self ability construction and development of value-added services, reduce the financial pressure of further investment, promoting the construction of more public services, to further enhance the level of public services.

mentioned in Chizhou, many people will think of the mountains there, now social service management PPP project settled, is also a noteworthy historical recommendation


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