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Female breast self check three health network _ women _39 tips

1 mirror examination. Standing, his arms hanging on both sides, to observe the breast shape, whether the normal arc profile becomes irregular, there is no orange peel like pits, or there is a small lacuna, when there is no extrusion fluid from the nipple overflow. If the above situation, should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

2 position examination. Lying in bed, with the nipple as the center, with the pulp in a clockwise direction close to the skin to do circular massage. Check the force should be uniform to the finger can touch the ribs is appropriate. If you find a nodule, block, you need to go to the hospital for further examination.

to enhance the blood circulation of the breast, which is helpful to maintain the elasticity of the breast and tall and straight. How to clean the soap in the woman breast — continue to make the skin surface alkalization at the same time, also promote the skin alkaline flora makes breast hyperplasia, local acidification becomes difficult. In addition, wash with soap, but also wash away the protection of the skin of the skin of the skin of the material – grease.

shower every day should give breast special care, doctors recommend that women should use the bath brush to clean the nipple areola special, which is particularly important for congenital inverted nipples in women. Then with the nipple as the center, do rotary massage to the breast with the brush body, which can not only stimulate blood circulation, can also remove the upper skin slightly. In addition, you can also use hot and cold water alternately wash the breast,

whether A CUP or D CUP, breasts for every woman is the same important. Because she is a symbol of women’s femininity, but also a sign of unconditional love of motherhood. Breast is so important to us, of course, we must maintain her health. Department of thoracic surgery expert Dr. Zhou Zheng suggested: busy women should pay more attention to their chest movements, develop a good habit of self inspection. So, even if misfortune, we still have the opportunity to turn the tide.

tip 1: chest will do every year – to receive professional examination

develop a good habit of monthly breast self-examination. Specific methods are as follows:

tip 3: love chest will do every day – breast cleaning and maintenance

all adult women, whether or not children, should be a year to a professional clinic breast examination. Doctors also recommend that all women over the age of 45 years a chest X ray examination.

tip 2: love chest will do every month – breast self-examination

(internship editor: Tan Shumei)


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