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Taiwan young entrepreneurs to visit the Zhongguancun nternational Creation Center

than an increasingly sluggish economy in Taiwan, the mainland has developed rapidly in recent 20 years, attracting many Taiwan 80 young people came to the mainland into the world. In addition to the increasingly perfect business policy, more and more entrepreneurs in Taiwan to the mainland to find a home".

nougat, foot powder, car maintenance, travel abroad, Taiwan young entrepreneurs bring entrepreneurial projects related to all aspects of people’s daily life, as well as "down to earth" and humanity; and needle blood leakage sensing intelligent patch, telecare system, multi peptides, entrepreneurial projects are health care, biotechnology and other fields, reveals a deep sense of "science and technology fan children".

set all ideas, in order to raise the public to raise money, "everyone firewood high flame", is a typical way of Taiwan youth entrepreneurship. Hahow good school online fund-raising platform is a personalized, interactive video teaching platform, designed to solve the problem of excessive learning threshold. Hahow co-founder, CEO Qianwei Jiang told the "Economic Daily" reporter, Hahow platform to join the course of fund-raising mechanism, let the teacher through the 3 minutes of the film and their graphic introduction and courses, and a pre order number and the amount of fund-raising to the public, then the formal curriculum standards after recording. "We hope that through such a public audit mechanism, to a certain extent, the screening of the course, but also allows the teacher to have a minimum income guarantee, the course record." Jiang Qianwei said.

cultural aspect to design as a selling point, is another feature of Taiwan youth entrepreneurship. Andy Home Furnishing Taiwan Home Furnishing design brand, is committed to the design of life, so that each has a story Home Furnishing series. Why talk about the creative Home Furnishing as a business foothold, Andy Wenchuang Limited Marketing Director Hong Qiaoling said, "the busy city life, home can be inclusive, give us the strength we comfort where the furniture is designed to provide the most representative atmosphere of life on this basis".


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