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Xiamen people have online D card in the future life will be more convenient

daily life, if our ID card lost will encounter a series of problems, almost do not do anything, can only wait for a hurry. However, from now on, the people of Xiamen have an online identity card, the future life will be more convenient. Below we have a detailed understanding of this online identity card.

in Xiamen administrative service center, Fujian Xiamen trade zone area comprehensive service hall, the public can use self-service terminal for accepting the "identity card online copy" — with the online identity, the future life will be more convenient.

yesterday, trusted identity authentication technology help " Internet +" Industrial Development – and identity card online application project Xiamen promotion will be held in the software park two.

with the development of the Internet, the need for more and more real name authentication scene, when people enjoy the convenience of the Internet, but also face the risk of personal information leakage. To solve this problem, in September 2015, the Ministry of public security selected Henan, Zhejiang, Nanning and Xiamen, as the first batch of national identity card online application of the pilot provinces and cities.

in Xiamen City Public Security Bureau led by Xiamen Information Group Co. Ltd. and Fujian Tianchuang information Polytron Technologies Inc undertook the localization services and Internet authentication docking this technology. With immediate effect, Xiamen identity card online certification technology to the public, which also means that Xiamen has become the country’s first resident ID card online application landing city.

in the near future, the use of this "net card", the public can express mail address is simplified as a dynamic two-dimensional code, to prevent leaks; open no proof of a crime, need not go out a trip home, the little finger can wait for material sent home; don’t worry about the bank card was fraudulent, because unless you brush face, others simply can not operate. For the use of online identity of the local people, simply by self-service terminal, with a simple two steps, less than 1 minutes to apply.

online identity is the core technique developed by the Ministry of public security, although it exists on the network, but it has the same identification card and authority, can also report the loss, freeze. In actual use, the public’s identity card number, name and other sensitive information is not directly transmitted from the Internet, but through a cryptographic operation, to protect its security.

at present, the public can use the online ID card query personal credit, five law firms have begun to use it to query the identity of the parties.


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