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nventory of the new female shoe business philosophy

there are a lot of people say women and children in the new century to earn money is the best, of which the majority of the female friends can be said to be one of the main consumer market in the brand, female shoe is a very profitable and profitable business projects, so, female shoe will need to pay attention to what issues.

How to operate a shoe store in

operating shoe, we tend to focus on purchase and decoration to create a momentum, or splendid or development channels, there are crazy promotional activities, in short, is to spend money to sell shoes, a lot of revenue. With many years of practice, personally think that in addition to the above points, the majority owner and friends but also in daily sales in some small details and master certain skills, in order to achieve a multiplier, without forcing the state to take.

A, sign and window

often see some shoe shop in the streets of beautiful, luxurious music sound, advertising overwhelming, but is only seen to read, glanced over it, leaving no what impressed. In fact, a good sign, character name, clean the window, often can represent a store. The name to take good enough to remember, Mandarin and dialects will require the same text should be concise and easy to read.

Wuhan famous home shoes chain called "step by step" cloud, sign design is simple and unique. A famous inscription, high visibility, business is very prosperous. Although not everyone please celebrity movement, but in the name of signs and extra effort will not effect the philippines. The window is more like a person’s face, the conditions must be designed window. Clean and bright design, do not care about the point of electricity. Placed inside the shoes, must be full of personality with the eye, best with a crystal, some plants flower embellishment, highlight the vital and elegant. I used to have shop, passers-by often stopped in front of the window to hear "tut" praise, even a pair of shoes and in order to debate, a certain color is said, another is another color, and so on. It is a very pleasant mood.

lights and mirrors


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