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30 million also did not point explosion O2O dream

choose to start a friend, are courageous. This is not just a matter of words, it needs courage and action are a lot of. Buffett said, in other people’s fear of greed, greed when others fear.

when Taobao has become the millions of small boss Carnival platform, when Taobao mall began to emerge, when the Jingdong is the Alibaba as future competitors, by the end of 2009, Mr. Liu also faces a choice.

is Taobao mall to open a flagship store selling cosmetics? Or if the Jingdong to build a platform like B2C? Or become an electricity supplier wholesaler, to establish their own business kingdom through distribution?

"Blue Ocean Strategy" put on Mr. Liu’s desk. He decided not to choose, but to create their own blue ocean.

and the field of electronic commerce, consumers are no longer passive buyers, but the free purchase and decision makers, because they participate in the dissemination of information, the depth of the use of the Internet to share and purchase decision, including strangers. In other words, the consumer is the main body in the field of electricity providers, they determine the growth of brands and products.



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