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85 after the entrepreneur with a cup financing ten million

for the first time to join the field of small partners, the more difficult problem is the financing problem, how to allow others to recognize their entrepreneurial ideas, get a higher amount of financing it? The 85 guy did it.

for the early entrepreneurs, "change" is the imminent event. All types of business competition on many projects, but how to "conquer" investors? Days ago held a wealth of Sharon, the dark horse will be the chairman of the Hangzhou branch of Hangzhou quality, build culture art limited company founder Shen Kemin and Wuhan more than 100 entrepreneurs interact, share their experiences of doing business.

A. had only one product "up and down cup"

start at the beginning of a long period of time, the "quality" made only a product composed of ceramic and wood on the cup. Shen Kemin is not impatient, in his words, "I hope to build out of the cup with a human touch and temperature".

B. financing 10 million yuanxuan 7 partners

however, "quality" is not Everything is going smoothly. growth.

start at the beginning, Shen Kemin in the "change" in the process, has experienced numerous defeats. Despite the lack of big consumer market customers, but as a traditional manufacturing enterprise, it is difficult to obtain the pursuit of the rapid growth of the mobile Internet era, super recommended


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