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How to run a good western restaurant franchise

Western-style food is many people’s favorite delicacy, go to a western restaurant for chowhound, one key is to let them very happy. In the face of fierce competition, how do you make a difference? How to manage a good western restaurant franchise? Let’s take a look.

1. brand choice

2. location

3. scale and decoration

is still in the initial stage of development in the current Chinese Chinese Western-style food, so the smaller western restaurant. Generally speaking, a western restaurant will reach 30 square meters area can be opened, the shop area of 60 square meters with even moderately sized restaurants, and stores in the area of 100 square meters is the larger restaurant. Is in fact good western restaurant is a small shop can save the initial investment, two can be avoided the area of business is waste.

4. operations management

Many people like to eat



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