How to join haokoufu cake

many Western eating habits to China after receiving Chinese sought after, of course small does not feel this is what things for our life, just add a different flavor. As the development of diversified countries, it is necessary to show a new look. Bread and other baked products have become one of the food and beverage products in people’s lives. Good tasting cake to seize the market demand, according to the people’s taste and demand, after the launch of the product, soon became popular, so good tasting cake how to join


How to join the

haokoufu cake

haokoufu cake joining conditions:

1, with full capacity for civil conduct and independent civil liability.

2, recognize and accept haokoufu cake business philosophy and brand value.

3, the effective management of the area and the amount of investment.

4, with good resources in the local shops, meet the franchise shop standards.

5, do not engage in illegal or corrupt social activities.

6, personal reputation is good, have good business ethics.

7, have a certain sense of risk, the basic concept of the market.

haokoufu cake joining process:

1, understand the information

login website or call to join the headquarters phone, detailed information about joining haokoufu cake.

2, field trips

good tasting cake really is in line with your condition, need field investigation to know. If you want to visit our project, you can go to our company headquarters, we will also have a free shuttle bus to you.

3, join the application

if you do not have any questions about the company’s projects, you can provide basic information to the headquarters.

4, sign contract

signed the franchise contract, authorized franchisee certificate.

5, assist site

headquarters in accordance with the established cooperative planning, to assist the terminal shop to work, when


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