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The chest of a woman much more susceptible to breast cancer _39 _ women’s health network

reported that the average size of the breast of the two generation of women in the United States increased from 34B to 36C, this seemingly beautiful plump chest, in fact, will pose a risk to their health.


breast is a symbol of women, many women want to have a pair of charming, plump breasts, but not the bigger the better breast.

reported recently American Fawkes news, American science writer William in Florence? The latest edition of the "breast of natural and non natural history" a book that female breast enlargement is not conducive to good health.

(Editor: Teng Betty internship editor: Jiang Rong

breast enlargement is often associated with increased waist circumference. Scholars cited cause many annoying factors increase the bra types, such as weight gain, it will increase the possibility of breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

another culprit is that girls enter puberty early. Study on the United States "" Journal of Pediatrics found that 15% of American girls from the age of 7 when he began to breast development. Once the female breast enlargement, the risk of contamination will increase. To make matters worse, the greater the woman’s breasts, the more toxins they accumulate, the more likely they are to be delivered to the newborn baby through breastfeeding, which can harm the baby’s brain, body and immune system. Moreover, the environmental pollution in modern society has led to a high incidence of breast cancer.


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