Korean restaurant decoration points

Korean restaurant projects in recent years, the market has welcomed popular catering market, to the franchisee to bring good opportunities to create wealth. If you want a Korean restaurant, then you have not thought about how to decorate your shop? Many novice may on this issue is not that good, hurry to learn about it as soon as possible, worry investment business.

first, to grade and clear positioning Korean restaurants, so that it can decide the whole style of the decoration. Decoration design is generally consumer groups to locate the original market positioning to, that is to say the design style to cater to the orientation of the main consumer of Korean food stores.

, for example, market positioning is for enterprise workers or managers, then to the decoration of some neat gorgeous, if it is for young people to new-new generation, decoration fashion personality point, if it is for lovers or couples the theme shop, you can design some romantic.


is the combination of light and color. Lighting is also consistent with the overall style. If it is a splendid shop is the best choice of the large ceiling lamp to create a gorgeous, beautiful decoration feeling, if it is leisure Korean food stores, to soft light, also can increase the variety of colors, create a romantic atmosphere.

again, is a reasonable space planning. In general, the kitchen area will account for the total area of the restaurant 30%-40%, and the configuration in the middle of the restaurant to the final location. While the cashier position of general arrangement between the restaurant and kitchen counter entrance location, which is convenient for shuttle service to receive orders and provide dishes.

like bathroom, telephone room, smoking room with these devices will be more centralized configuration, and arranged in the passenger seat side position, easy access to customers. The most important thing is the layout of the guests. The guest is generally arranged in the wall and window, guest shape, size, and proportion, according to the visitor service routes to specific restaurant. Generally speaking, it is more reasonable that the guest seat rate is 80% – 82%.

finally, tableware, tables and chairs, tablecloths choice. Currently on the market the Korean restaurant tableware mainly stainless steel. The purchase of the table and the restaurant to meet the overall space, small space with small tables and chairs, large space with large tables and chairs, so as not to give customers a sense of discord.

Korean restaurant, how to do the decoration work? This is also more concerned about the issue of investors. The above empirical analysis can help you find some ideas, I hope you can think of a good decoration program, the successful renovation. If you have more experience, please share with us!

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