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Come to Xiamen car model Grand Prix to feel the roar of the motor

with the development of living standards, the continuous development of science and technology, in the life of the car gradually gained popularity, but also the emergence of many of the people in the car. Jimei Festival 2016 opening · three ring cross strait vehicle model (Road) Grand Prix, the sports training activities at the national science and technology base – Xiamen three ring model technology experience base kicks off. Hurry up about it, together to feel the roar of the motor, for the specific details of the comparison, the following and Xiaobian together to understand it!


the number of foreign participants up to

the overall level and specifications of the tournament has been close to the world cup, is one of the highest in Asia in recent years, one of the remote control vehicle model.

"the contest with the drivers and technicians from the mainland, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, United States, Italy, France, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia and other places of nearly 300 people participated, including competition in the world top ten and other intercontinental and national champion", sponsored by the special unit said, to participate in the competition of foreign players reached more than 120, and the number of high level, a model of the events in recent years, Xiamen is also the largest foreign players a game.

contest sponsored by the Jimei District of Xiamen City People’s government, Xiamen Light Industry Group Co. Ltd., Xiamen city Jimei District Sports Radio, publishing Tourism Bureau, Xiamen Irrigation Town People’s Government of Xiamen three ring Battery Co., Ltd., cloud model technology hobbywing Technology Limited Co.


next year is expected to host the vehicle model international competition

in the next few days, top drivers will be struggling to compete for model fans and the public offer a fantastic event model.

international media will focus on global broadcast live. U.S. LiveRc, Holland RedRc website and domestic RcFans and other professional model site will send a professional team, the game will be broadcast live video and graphic scrolling to the world. The development of the world will Chinese model sports attention, while Xiamen will once again become the focus of the world, its international reputation and international image will be further enhanced.

model of movement has been lit in Xiamen, there are more high specification model events held in Xiamen will be the future, sponsored by light industry group official said that this event has been successfully held two sessions, has become a brand competition, the traditional competition, international standard competition. It can be said that this event is a warm-up, the vehicle model in international competition next, is expected to host the 201 recommended


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